quarta-feira, 23 de julho de 2008

Immodesty // Multicamera

Created at the Interactivos?08 at Medialab-Prado
in collaborataion with:
Sofy Yuditskaya, Emanuel Andel, Gwenn Joyaux, Tais Biels Rey, Laura Gabriela Olalde Verdes and with help from many others. Thanks everyone!

This system is a prototype for a portable image recording system based on multiple cameras positioned along a path. The cameras will be controlled by a microcontroller, which can assign a time delay to each camera independently. The rig is modular and reconfigurable allowing for arranging it in any shapes. Based on cheap digital disposable cameras, this aparatus will lend itself to all kinds of temporal-spatial experimentation.

In this first demonstration we explore it to re-conceive or visualize a spatial perception which expands the body's point of view in space.
We recorded multiple sequences with cameras arranged on quarter of a circle arch. For the interactive display we projected an image on the wall. As a person walks by her position is tracked and the picture displayed changes perspective (scrolling through our sequence) corresponding to the angle at which the person is viewing the picture. In effect the viewer can see a 'moment' from many points of view, physically moving around it to explore it.
Once the viewer scrolled through the entire 'moment', the sequence of another moment will be loaded, so that the viewer can walk through the story moment by moment.


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