sexta-feira, 6 de junho de 2008

Interactive Fitness

Dr. Ernie Medina and his partners launched their first XRtainment Zone in California last year. The mission of XRtainment Zone is to provide families and kids of all ages a fitness club of their own "where working out is all play."

In addition to dance pads, GameBikes, and EyeToy aerobic games in various flavors, the XRtainment Zone boasts a variety of more unusual exertainment machines including 3Kick, Makoto, Sportwall, Jackie Chan Run, Xavix Run, ATV Fury 3 Tag, Trazer Fusion, EyeToy Kung Fu, and Gamebike variants powered by hand and arm exercise.

Other non-electronic game formats are also included, employing basic elements of interactive game design alongside their more technology-based brethren.

Medina hopes, XRtainment approach will lead to genuine lifestyle change and a lasting enjoyment of health and exercise.

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