terça-feira, 26 de fevereiro de 2008

Mindflood - Acura Oracles Multi-Touch Flash

The Acura division of the American Honda Motor Company, as part of their continuing strategy to establish themselves as an innovative, technology-focused luxury brand, commissioned George P. Johnson to create a brand new exhibit for the 2007 auto show season that by its very nature says "innovation." Central to the new exhibits would be a series of interactive installations, highlighted by the Interactive Oracles.
The intended consumer take away was for the user to see Acura as an innovator that is always looking to the future and integrating the latest cutting edge, customer-relevant technologies into their vehicles. The communication challenge the team faced was how to create an installation that is user-friendly and effectively communicates customer relevant stories that show how an Acura improves the users’ life.
While developing the Interactive Oracle concept, the team set out to achieve
3 specific goals. The first was to create a circular display system that could be approached from any angle and be used by multiple people at once.
Second, the Oracles would also have to integrate a sensor system that would allow for people to use both of their hands at the same time. Further, the team would need to allow the display system to be completely self-contained so that is could easily be moved from one location to another. To accomplish these goals, George P. Johnson enlisted the services of MOTO Development Group to help create the multi-user, multi-touch sensor system and integrate the projector, touch surface and optics. Mindflood was brought in to help create the interactive content and integrate it into a Flash user interface.

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